Body, Soul, and Spirit

We are not just bodies but we have a soul- our mind, emotions, and will, and a spirit- the deepest part of us. 

So many times, when my patients come to see me for their PT, I think “Oh, my friend is coming!”  In my eyes, friendship can be healing in itself.  We are all relational so having a good relationship with your PT is of great benefit. 

Too many of my patients have told me that’s it’s hard to come by someone that ever looked at them so thoroughly, listened so well, and genuinely cared for them. Also, when I think about another health practitioner I would want to refer my patients to, I take it very seriously.  I make sure I know who they are, are they excellent at what they do, and do they truly care? 

Looking at each patient as a whole person that truly matters is so utterly and completely important to me. 

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