Connie Ideta, Mobile Physical Therapist in Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Cary, Apex, NC and surrounding areas- In home visits!

I have been working with Connie since my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis over a year and a half ago. Connie is one of the most intelligent and compassionate people I have ever met.  Her knowledge of the human body extends beyond physical therapy.  I always leave our appointments feeling better than I did when I walked in and more empowered.  I wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend Connie for all of your physical therapy needs.  -Jennifer C

Connie is a professional therapist, very friendly, a great teacher, and always in a happy mood. Connie took great care of me. I had back problems that I had been struggling with for over six years and I had gone to several physical therapists. I only finally found relief after seeing Connie. When Connie laid her blessed healing hands on me, something miraculous happened for me. I can attest with facts that I am completely healed. Connie is soo amazing and she knew all the trigger points to touch in order to change my entire life. I will surely recommend her to friends and loved ones for the best result.  -Francis N

I highly recommend Connie for Physical Therapy! When I first went to her, I had extreme upper and lower back pain. Within a few visits I was feeling much better. I had been to a lot of different doctors, PTs, chiropractors, spine specialists, etc before her. She is much more hands on than anybody else I went to and really works with you for the entire time each visit. She gave me lots of stretches and exercises to do at home so I know what to do if the pain comes back. She is an excellent person and you can tell she really cares about her clients and their well being!  -Chris K 

Connie’s deep and targeted approach to the root causes of my IT band issues keep me dancing with power and without pain.  Also, when she relieved muscle pain in my neck, my swallowing issues surprisingly resolved.  -Jan Y 

Connie is an extremely caring person and talented physical therapist. I have had TMJ issues for 4 years and Connie is the first person to give me relief! She looks at the whole body to understand where issues may be coming from which has helped me significantly with my jaw pain. As a physical therapy student myself, I understand the makings of a great PT and Connie exemplifies these qualities. My favorite thing about PT with Connie is her amazing hands on skills. -Abby D 

Connie is the best physical therapist I have worked with. She is very professional, has a good bed side manner, patient, always positive and encouraging.The fact that she has neurological experience was beneficial to me. I was treated as a whole person instead of just one body part. -Joyce C 

Life changing! I didn’t even know how bad my body was before I came to Connie. I came for recovery after a knee injury and she brought me back to full strength. Now we work on correcting the effects of my scoliosis. She is a miracle worker and is unbelievably kind. It is a pleasure to be treated with such respect and care.  -Maya G

Connie is by far the best physical therapist that I have ever experienced. She approaches physical therapy through a holistic method which provides treatment to areas that I have never experienced before. Her love for her profession and her patients shows true through every session. She is awesome and makes the experience better with her presence and willfulness to help her clients find health and be whole. -Sylvia M

After a few visits to Connie, my hip pain continues to improve. I have been to many physical therapists over the years due to car accidents and an active lifestyle, but no one compares to her healing ability and body realignment skills. As I continue to age, she is on my must to do list to stay active.  -Nekeisha W

I have been having issues with mobility of my right arm and shoulder for about a year before I came to see Connie. In the past, I had negative experiences with any physical therapy I had.  I was unable to to go for more than 3 appointments before I vowed to never go back. With Connie, it is an entirely  different experience. Each week I look forward to physical therapy. She is invested in my recovery in a personal way. Connie knows my physical status and limitations, and has been able to push me in ways that no other therapist has been able to do. I am forever grateful, as I have seen tremendous improvement in range of motion, can now sleep without pain, and can now perform daily activities without wincing in pain.  Exercises are prescribed by her to suit my situation. She doesn’t just put you in a corner and have you do exercises. She is interactive in all parts of the process! Connie is professional and attentive, and shows me each time I see her, that she is not only interested in my physical well-being, but my emotional well-being as well. She focuses on the whole person, and as far as I am concerned she is a miracle worker. -Lisa D 

Connie Ideta is not only an awesome physical therapist, but a very kind person. I had pain as a result of a motor vehicle accident, and she was a lifesaver! My concerns were listened to. Her miracle technique put me on the journey to healing and treated my pain. -Mary B

Connie is an amazing physical therapist!  I’ve had four physical therapists during my lifetime due to my activities in the military and volleyball.  Unlike other PTs I’ve had, Connie does two major things differently:  She’ll treat more than one body part per visit if needed; and more importantly, she’s interested enough in your well being such that she looks for underlying root causes for soft tissue pain.  For example:  Your knee hurts. Other PTs will treat the knee and give you an exercise or two.   But, she’ll also treat, say, your hip, calf, or back, any of which could be causing your knee pain. Connie knows and cares that knee pain can be the result of other body parts and even your mental state, as stress and anxiety can also cause or exasperate body pain. You won’t find a better physical therapist to treat you than Connie Ideta.  If you go elsewhere, you’ll likely miss out on the best chance for pain relief. -Robert M

After many years of suffering with dizziness, neck pain, and upper back pain, I finally found Connie. I really appreciates how she thinks outside the box. With a hands on approach to stretching, strengthening, and stabilizing, she got to the root of my problems and I was able to exercise again with no pain. She’s very compassionate, truly listens, and really cares! Hands down she is the best physical therapist I have ever seen. -Chris W

am a 75 year old woman who has been suffering from pain and disability caused by several incidental injuries and chronic repetitive stress injuries sustained decades ago.  I had given up on finding appropriate physical therapy because the standard, even among top ranked and skilled therapists is to make treatment decisions based on one method fits all patients with the same type of issue and of the same age group. Two important features characterize her amazing care:  1. Therapy based 100% on MY unique needs, not just an ever changing standard or latest trend  2. Healing energy that is innate, that cannot be learned, even through the most highly ranked training. She also recommends excellent exercises to do at home in beween visits. After only two sessions, I am so grateful to finally be experiencing her appropriately crafted therapy and healing hands that are already producing profound results. -Susan H 

I’ve been running daily since 1976. I’ve had other PT’s in the past, but I didn’t realize how many dysfunctional muscles I had until I encountered Connie’s hands on therapy, which helped me considerably.  She was effective in finding causes of problems in specific areas of my body. She knows the body so well! It’s obvious that she is genuinely interested in helping people and passionate in what she does. Her therapy is like boutique PT, and she could be a PT for royalty! -Bonnie M 

During the summer of 2022 I had a very painful TMJ (temporomandibular joint) flare-up. From my first visit I could tell she was unique. I could always count on being greeted by name and with a smile. Her office was modern and inviting. It was evident that Connie genuinely cares about her patient’s wellbeing. She actually made therapy an enjoyable experience that I didn’t mind going to. She takes a total body approach to pain treatment and teaches her clients how different muscles and bones function together. She later treated my shoulder injury also. I highly recommend Connie for PT services. -Carl W 

I had problem with shallow breathing, and for many years I tried everything that I could to get better but didn’t make much progress. Until Connie worked on me and after just a few sessions, she helped open up my diaphragm and my breathing improved significantly. And since then I’ve been able to breath much better, even during work when I have to wear masks and face shields. As a health care professional myself (dentist), I really appreciate Connie taking the time to really educate me, and her genuine care for my well being. I highly recommend Connie! -Annie P

I have been an athlete my whole life which unfortunately means I get injured and have spent a good amount of time with various physical therapists. My chief complaint with other PT is it typically felt remedial or cookie cutter and did not feel specific to my needs. Connie however was not that way. And really dove in to provide impactful treatment that was specific to my needs. I was very impressed and definitely recommend her. -Luke B

Connie has been extremely helpful in my healing when I injured my sciatica nerve on my entire right side. I know I wanted to avoid surgery. I went to Connie. I honestly felt that no one would help me, but she she stuck with me even when I gave up. She pushed me and kept me going on the treatment plan. I was amazed with hard work determination and I kept going with no vision, but she had a vision big enough for us both. I was in so much pain I did not care sometimes. I was fully healed and very grateful I met Connie. She really cared about her patients and wanted to do everything she could even if it took forever. The best PT I ever worked with and she mostly worked with me. I was in a bad state. -Jade C

I have high regards for Connie Ideta. Her methods and skilled techniques motivated my anticipation of each session to improve my mobility! Connie made it seem so easy that I and others noticed progress in my movements in a very short length of time. I look forward to working with her in the future as well. -Gwen M

I have been seeing Connie for 11 months. Connie’s PT expertise and encouragement have helped me tremendously. I had several issues when I started PT with Connie. She patiently identified and explained each issue and described the ways we would work together to fix it. She created a series of home exercises to complement our visits. I am nearing the end of my therapy, and I am functioning so much better than I ever expected. Thank you so much, Connie.  -Heidi M 

I had a situation with my knees a year ago. After I went to the orthopedic doctor, I was being sent to physical therapy. I asked to go to Connie as I knew her as a friend and knew how much she cared for her patients. I am so glad I did! Connie is amazing! She was able diagnose the actual origin of the problem. As a result, not only my knees but other parts of my body found immediate relief from pain. Connie is very knowledgeable and has fantastic instincts as a therapist. I won’t go anywhere else! -Mari P

Kind, knowledgeable, patient, thorough. I started working with Connie about a year ago after Achilles surgery. She was amazing and helped me to full recovery. She is very hands-on and suggested customized stretches and strengthening exercises each week as I improved. I continue to see her weekly for other problem areas such as my neck, back and lower body from long work hours at my desk. I am so much healthier and have her to thank. Highly recommend! -Charlie H

I’ve had the pleasure to meet with Connie twice now, she provides a phenomenal physical therapy experience that I never knew I needed until now. My session was super impactful starting with Connie’s vast knowledge in PT, and how quickly she was able to locate problem areas, address them and then sent me home with simple techniques for improvement in between sessions. I was able to tell a difference almost immediately. Connie truly does have healing hands. She’s invested in the best quality of life for each and every client she encounters. Partnering with Connie on this health journey has been one of the best decisions I’ll continue to make. Show your body some love and book your session today, not only will you feel better you’ll be better because of it. You’re literally in the best hands, no question about it!!  -Monique C

I received 5 star services at Ideta Integrated Physical Therapy. One day I lost function of my arms, I experienced non stop, all day pain. It was hard to wash up in the shower and it was hard to dress without assistance. When I started Physical Therapy Connie promised that if I participate and had the desire to get better, she would promise desirable results. When I completed the services allotted on my consult, and with determination when I had to complete the exercises on my own, thank God, today I’m better, I can use my arms and for the first time, I am pain free. Every time I have a condition that require Physical Therapy, I call Connie at Ideta integrated physical Therapy. I received world class services. Check it out for yourself. -Mark T 

I recently had the pleasure of working with Connie as my physical therapist, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. From the moment I walked into her office, I felt welcomed and at ease. She took the time to listen to my concerns and goals, and crafted a personalized treatment plan that was tailored to my needs. Throughout the course of my therapy, Connie consistently demonstrated her expertise and professionalism. She always had a positive attitude and encouraged me every step of the way. Her attention to detail and ability to explain exercises in a way that was easy to understand made a huge difference in my progress. But what truly sets Connie apart is her dedication to her patients. She went above and beyond to ensure that I was comfortable and made the most of each session. She was always willing to answer any questions I had, and went out of her way to provide additional resources and advice to help me continue my recovery at home. Overall, I can’t recommend Connie highly enough. Her warmth, expertise, and commitment to her patients make her an exceptional physical therapist. If you’re looking for someone to help you achieve your physical goals and get back on track, she’s the one to call. Thank you, Connie! -John S.

I highly recommend Connie Ideta for your PT treatments. Ms. Ideta is highly qualified with an extensive background and experience in PT. She is very professional and listens to all my concerns and needs. I appreciate how she assesses your needs and develops a plan of treatment specific to address the issues of your body. Other PT places I have gone to just followed a pre-planned protocol for a specific issue. They had me go through a series of exercises some of which were not even beneficial. Ms.Ideta developed an exercise plan that focused on getting to the root of the issue. My shoulder and upper arm got injured and I had alot of pain and difficulty lifting my arm and raising it above my head. Another time I actually had a pain in the butt and it was very uncomfortable to sleep on my back or on the side. Ms. Ideta helped me immensely to overcome these issues! I appreciate that Ms. Ideta genuinely cares about her client and really wants to help them get better. She will actively do hands on work on the patient. Other PT’s I had would only just show me how to do the exercises and have me follow them. Ms.Ideta incorporates both! -Kay N

Connie has been working with me on overcoming severe TMJ pain that I had had for several months and that kept me from being able to eat many favorite foods. She was able to find the source of the pain and work on my neck and jaw. This has helped me tremendously. She has listened to what has helped me. She is empathetic, easy going, and great to work with. I strongly recommend Connie if you need help for your TMJ pain!!   – Claudia S

Connie treated me for a chronic shoulder dislocation issue that I had for nearly twelve years. She had a very in depth approach and thoroughness when she worked on my shoulder, and I noticed that she was very detail oriented. The exercises, stretches, and deep tissue work that she provided to me were amazing because it exceeded my expectations. Over time my shoulder became more stabilized, stronger, and had better mobility. Connie really does care and she did not treat me like a number, but as a person. She has a very friendly personality and works with excellence. I can say that since meeting Connie, my shoulder has not dislocated (even when it was in some positions that would have caused it to dislocate in the past). Thank you Connie! -Shinya A

My husband and I consulted with Connie who is an extremely skilled PT. During the consultation regarding pain in my right hand, she was able to identify the trigger points readily and alleviate the pain immediately. For my husband, he has had back and sacral pain as a result of carrying heavy loads and jumping from airplanes in the military. Connie suggested an exercise that he’d never done before in his years of consulting with doctors, PTs and even chiropractors. After doing the exercise, it alleviated much of his pain and was surprised how effective such an odd exercise could be! -Lianna B

I have known Connie for a few years and have been treated by her on many occasions, her PT sessions are always a joy to attend. She makes it a point to understand the problem and then treats it with utmost care and dedication. She is very diligent in her work and makes sure that the problem is resolved. She also makes sure that homework is clearly explained and even makes videos for me to remember to do it correctly at home. Every time I have visited her for treatment, I have been completely healed and pain relieved. I recommend her for any type of Physical Therapy. -Gerard D

Connie Ideta is very sensible to the patient need and condition. She has knowledge to determine the right level and direct of treatment. She has compassions to address the anxiety of patient during the treatment. Excellent treatment! -Prafull V 

Connie is an excellent physical therapist.  She listens and is thorough in finding the right spot that needs her attention.  She has provided much needed relief for both my son and I.  You will appreciate the experience.  -Pam G 

I’ve been seeing Connie Ideta for 9 months and she has managed to return my leg to normal function. She’s hands-on, provides thoughtful at-home exercises, and is a joy to work with. If you’ve got pain, Connie can help! -Sarah G

Connie is a very skilled, dedicated,and knowledgeable PT.  She is determined to help you feel better with the pain. She is a very hands on person and has helped me immensely with my back pain with her PT and exercises.  I highly recommend Connie to help you. You won’t be disappointed.  -Auxilia G

Connie has been a wonderful PT to work with! She is thorough and invested in supporting you towards holistic health. She’s worked with me on identifying and treating not just the symptoms but the root causes and explains how things are connected. She’s fantastic! -Sarah P

Very thorough evaluation. Looks to tackle the root cause of your pain or discomfort. Would recommend to anyone needing a therapist. -Willy L

Connie is the sweetest person, both caring and knowledgeable! She is patient and takes the time to get to know you and your physical condition. Connie recommended and gave a foam roller that has helped to relieve muscle tension. Thank you, Connie, for all that you do!!  – Natalie K 

Connie is amazing therapist who truly cares and has such a heart for her patients and the skills to help people on their healing journey. I would highly recommend her!!  – Teresa L 

Connie is one of most exceptionally compassionate and kind therapist that I know. She actively listens to your concerns to resolve your issues. She is sincere and truly wants what is best for you!  – Betty F 

If you need a Physical Therapist this is the place to go! Connie is extremely patient-oriented. She cares about her patients and their needs, she takes her time to listen and to help. Totally different from my experience in another practice where they just give you a piece of paper with some exercises to do by yourself. You can be sure that here you will receive the proper care and the attention you need.  – Denise C 

Connie is such an amazing physical therapist. She has excellent communication skills and extensive knowledge of the human body. She has numerous years as a PT and truly knows how to effectively treat patients with different musculoskeletal problems. I highly recommend Connie for your physical therapy needs. – Franklin C 

I’ve had a very difficult time finding a PT that knew how to help my TMJ issues. Connie found and released very specific trigger points in my stiff TMJ area. The work that was done on my jaw actually helped decrease and then take away my tinnitus (ringing in the ear) symptoms. I was so amazed and thankful!  – Louise R

She is a perfect physical therapist. She does an excellent job with my patient and really we can see how he has recovered his motor movements. I love her work since she is very professional, punctual, and accurate in the muscles that she must work   – Ana R 

Her passion is very clear! She gets to root of the issue and works for long term improvements. I would definitely recommend Connie. Although I am treated for improvements in my dance, rather than for injury, I still see a lot of improvements in mobility and strength. For example, we saw in just one session how much my hip flexor was able to improve by releasing and strengthening. -Lily C 

Connie was very helpful with my recovery when I injured my sciatica nerve. It was so bad I was in constant pain. She knew how to keep me motivated when I give up on myself. Being under her care was easy. She was determined to help me I thought I was never going to be normal again. She was patient and just had enough hope for us both. I am so grateful for her professionalism and persistence her skills and also her encouragement to keep me coming back. I wanted to heal so I followed her instructions and stayed on treatment. Couldn’t think of a better PT to work with!! She is the best if you want to heal! Thanks Connie. -Pam K

I highly recommend Ideta Integrated Physical Therapy! Connie was able to diagnose the root cause of my shoulder and back pain and provide me with guidance on solving the problem with long term solutions. She is knowledgeable and passionate about the health of the whole body. Best of all, she is kind and warm, always smiling and making you feel so supported through your healing process. Her genuine love for her patients and her work are truly evident!  – Jennifer H 

Connie is amazing Physical Therapist. She is caring and super knowledgeable. She is helping me tremendously and I highly recommend her. She is a healer who so deeply cares for her patients…   – Ana T 

Connie is a wonderful physical therapist, professional, prompt, and very genuine and caring. Her ability to work in and out of clients homes is most convenient, especially for those who do not have the ability to travel or get in and outside their homes easily. I had the pleasure of working right along side by side with her for some time. Her positive attitude and energy is really appreciated by the families she works for. If you are looking for a PT I highly recommend Connie. Her knowledge, passion, and experience set her apart. She is just the most caring individual and human I have met in the medical field whose passion is equally matched with my own. She has a heart and she isn’t afraid of going above and beyond to help those she treats.  – Maria J 

Connie is a fabulous therapist. She goes above and beyond in her care and treatment of her patients. I highly recommend her for those needing physical therapy. – Greg S

Connie not only shows professionalism and passion for her work, her love for her patients is reflected in the way she treats them. From the minute I met her, I explained my issues and felt understood. She dug deeper to get to the root of the issue and treated me with a holistic approach looking at the whole body. She truly desires to see her patients healed and whole. I am thankful to have found such a great physical therapist!  – Jennifer Y 

I went to Connie for what I thought was low back pain, but she tells me that it’s actually more coming from S-I joint/ pelvis issues. She was able to pinpoint all the different muscles in that area and release and strengthen muscles. It was amazing to watch her be able to pinpoint the causes of my issues and fix them one by one. She got me back aligned properly and then taught me how to keep my body in its best alignment. I also had dizziness. She gave me a stretch and did soft tissue work in my neck and the dizziness was gone. I’ve learned so much about my body from her! She also has an awesome personality and is the best PT I ever had. – Caleb M 

I hurt my arm and shoulders in a car crash, and their services helped me recover smoothly. Very kind and adaptable. Excellent work, I recommend them highly. -Trey C

I have really enjoyed the physical therapist who works with me. Connie Ideta is very knowledgeable and listens to you about how your feeling with the exercises and with what’s going on. Her main goal is to get you feeling stronger and better! I would highly recommend her!   -Liz B 

I’ve attended PT sessions since January 2023. Great and truly caring Physical Therapist. Connie genuinely cares about her patients well being. She has made therapy an enjoyable experience that I do not mind going to. -Ernestine H