Ideta Integrated Physical Therapy

Ideta Integrated Physical Therapy is holistic care from a person who cares, bringing harmony to your body, soul, and spirit.  My aim is targeting root causes to fix problems from where they originate, thereby offering long term benefits.

Connie Ideta, Physical Therapist in Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Cary, Apex,NC and surrounding areas

My Services

Ideta Integrated Physical Therapy

Services include many areas including Integrated PT as well as Traditional PT.


Ideta Integrated Physical Therapy

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Ideta Integrated Physical Therapy

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Are you looking to invest in the best care you can find? There’s a new beginning on the horizon as you choose me to be a stepping stone on your journey to health. As you embrace the recovery process, it would be a privilege to be a part of accelerating your path to prosperity. I’m so impacted when I get to witness breakthroughs and life-changing moments for those in my care. I’m committed to serve and support you in your wellness and encourage you to come and experience something different!

Do you appreciate being seen as a whole body, and a whole person? Learn about my holistic, comprehensive approach. Patients testify feeling better from the top of their heads to the tips of their toes. It’s not just about relief from pain but for you to be empowered to gain an efficient, effective body with optimal function, one that has been restored and rejuvenated.


“Connie is the best PT I have ever worked with. She approaches the body holistically, beyond the area that I thought was the problem. I never knew how many muscles affect each other!”

Kristen F.

“I struggled with foot pain for years. Connie helped me build muscles and develop a home routine that I can actually do. My foot pain was gone within a few months, and I have a great home routine.”

Ayla C.

How Integrated Physical Therapy Can Help

Digging Deeper

Do you wish your PT would just take the time to dig deeper and take a closer look to figure out the root cause of problems? Learn about my targeted and focused treatment methods and know there’s hope to find a cure! Healthcare is not just based on science, but it needs to be practiced as an art as well. 

Hands-on and Attentive Treatment

Do you prefer hands-on and attentive treatment as opposed to being given an exercise to do on your own? Learn about all of my skilled hands-on techniques. No doubt you’ll experience the quality of the work due to phenomenal palpation skills. I’m also constantly aware of how you’re responding and make changes as needed, with both manual techniques and active exercises.  

Attain a More Active Life

Are you motivated to prevent surgery? Learn how you can reduce or eliminate pain, improve mobility and strength, and attain a more active life before resorting to more invasive procedures. You don’t have to remain captive to a sub-maximally performing body. It’s time to experience the freedom to move with ease again.  

A Variety of Clientele

Would you like it if your PT would know how to work with you as a special person? I have a wide range of clientele- from athletes to the wheelchair-bound, from kids to the elderly. But with my understanding of the human body/ movement, it’s neat to see the diversity as well as the similarities across the group of people that I work with. It’s always fun when I can find a weakness on athletes and they say, “Do what?”  

A Personalized Approach

Would you rather not feel like just a number and someone that is being moved in and out?  My one-on-one 60-minute sessions are relational, personalized, and unique to what you need.