Patient Success Stories

I was thinking about my early days at a PT and I thought, “I wasn’t very good in my younger years.”   But then I remembered some really nice testimonies. 

I helped a man with his long-standing low back pain and he was so impressed that he recommended his friend to also come see me. This friend had to drive from one hour away!  His low back pain was also resolved after seeing me along with some other areas of his body. 

There was a lady with a 10 year headache who came to me with a frown.  I worked on a very specific area on her cranial fascia and after that one session, she couldn’t believe it, but her headache was gone and her frown turned into a smile.  

A man comes in very distraught because he can no longer write with his right hand and his doctors have no idea how to help him. I immediately knew the problem was coming from his neck and so I worked on his neck that treatment session. The next time he came in, he was so full of joy because he could write with his hand again. 

So now I’m going to fast forward to the present time.  There have been some cool surprises as a result of recent therapy sessions I’ve had.

A patient says he is experiencing vertigo and that the Epley maneuver that he had learned that usually helps was not helping this time.  I worked on his ocular eye muscles and progressed him in one session in sitting, standing, and walking.  At the end, his vertigo was gone and next time he came in, he reported to me that the vertigo was gone.

Teaching a patient to self release and then re-train the pelvic floor muscles helped to decrease and then take away her incontinence symptoms.

A patient who is a dentist thought that she was having troubles breathing because of having to double mask. After I worked on her diaphragm, she said, “I can breathe again!”   

It’s been so neat to see how treating musculoskeletal issues can actually lead to these other “health issues” being resolved.  The body surely is interrelated, isn’t it? 

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