I love looking at posture!  I can’t help myself, but I notice everyone’s posture everywhere I go. 

At the ice hockey rink, I can see when a player’s ankles are not looking great in their skates as they skate. Or, I’ll notice a need for upper quarter postural re-training and know that they could greatly improve their slapshot if they did so. 
A player needed to sit out because of low back pain – I saw that coming already because I had noticed his posture.  

A thorough postural assessment is a first step to guide me on where to go to help you with your recovery process.  

Gravity is against us!  Over time, our posture changes (and becomes less optimal)  if we haven’t ever learned effective postural re-training exercises. This is not just for the spine but for the joints as well. 

Come learn about how to optimize your posture and you’ll also see how it helps improve your ability to move well, too. 

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